Every business is different and every client has a unique set of needs, desires and aspirations. At Pepper Street Social, we pride ourselves on offering custom solutions to every one of our clients. If you're after a 'cookie-cutter' solution straight out of the box, sorry, but we don't have one. We bake our cookies fresh and especially for you, every time.

We also like to keep things as simple as possible. That's why we have just 3 main service offerings;

Strategy: your roadmap to social media success

Social media is a powerful tool, but without a plan, you're just stabbing in the dark, hoping for the best and ultimately wasting your time.

Whether you and your staff are managing your social accounts, or Pepper Street Social is doing that for you, your Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan is where the magic starts and is consistently sustained.

Our plans are custom-created for each client and include;

  • your business vision and goals
  • your unique brand values and ideals
  • SWOT analysis
  • research and analysis of your industry, niche and competitors
  • 12-month strategy including communications and implementation plan
  • slide-share summary designed for you to share with your staff


Set up your tools: get your ducks in a row                      

Once you've created a strategy and are itching to dive in, you'll need to get some things set up, or customise those that are already in place.

These services take care of the technical aspects of social media, like setting up or customising your social accounts, installing applications, and creating digital advertising and promotional campaigns.                          

Our tools services are unique for every client and include:

  • Account set-up, or customisation, including cover images, links, bio and all information tabs copy written and populated
  • Promotional application design, build, installation and testing
  • Facebook advertising campaign set-up and management
  • Email tools and auto-responder set-up

Full-service account management: we'll roll up our sleeves and get the job done       

Content that resonates and engages your audience, while consistently expressing your brand's values and personality. When we manage your accounts, we work consistently and reliably to keep your customers coming back for more.

Our social media management services offer customised posts carefully written in the voice of your brand, designed to increase your brand awareness, foster loyalty and grow your fan base.

We're passionate about treating your customers and clients as if they're our own and that's why our management services include;

  • 7-14 posts per week, depending on the platform and individual strategy
  • beautiful, branded and engaging images
  • blog links, quotes, resources and commentary
  • prompt and reliable engagement and response for your audience
  • monthly reporting and statistics

If you're interested in chatting with me about any of these areas of work, I'd love to hear from you.

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