... if you’re looking for a silver bullet, or a magic marketing pill, sorry, but I don’t have one. Furthermore and contrary to popular belief, content marketers also feel overwhelm in creating and managing content while running a business at the same time.

I know how you feel because I’m a small business owner too.

However, there has never been a better time or more reasons for us both to get a grip on our marketing TODAY.

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Working smarter is waaaaay better than working harder.

It IS be possible for marketing to feel good, be real, actually work AND be manageable.

You can achieve results without going insane, giving up sleep or taking out a second mortgage.

And, that even if content marketing makes you shudder because you’re a complete introvert, you’re not alone, but that still doesn’t mean it can’t work for your business.

Except for taking out a second mortgage, I’ve tried the other stuff and some of it did work. Working harder and going without a bit of sleep means you get more done and sometimes these things are necessary, but they’re not SUSTAINABLE.

And since content marketing is a long game that delivers reliable results over time, planning, consistency and sustainability are really, really important.

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