Ninja marketing

The Secret to Ninja Marketing Strategies

Feeling like you want to pump up your marketing efforts? You know, really put the kick into it, bust out? Be everywhere, be amazing, make waves, get noticed and of course, sell more stuff?


Hell yeah! I want ninja tactics too! Yes! Ninja tactics put the R into ROI, the C in conversions and the capital T into traffic. Gimme some of that fo’ sho'!


But here’s the thing … even with your black belt and and all your impressive chops and kicks, even Ninjas look kind of pathetic if they’re just dancing around in front of you trying to get your attention for reasons apparently unknown, right?


Ninjas need context. Connection and engagement is always your goal because tactics without connection will be ignored, especially if you’re employing disruptive marketing tactics. 


Disruptive tactics, designed to push in, to shout for attention even though the product or information is not sought, are, on their own, risky business. Tactics like this are likely to be ignored for the simple reason that we’re overloaded by them and have therefore become very good at tuning them out. Without the underlying reason and meaning of your brand message communicated in the way, place and time your audience wants to be communicated to, your odds of being ignored are very, very high. Awkward Ninja.


Not only can this be extremely expensive, but worse still, it can actually damage your brand. They may ignore you, but they’ll probably associate that disruption and subsequent ignoring with your brand and be even more likely to ignore it in the future. This is not sustainable and it doesn’t feel good for anyone. We’ve got to stop being the things that people are trying to ignore and start focusing on the things they want. Pare back and lean in, Ninjas - you can’t get your black belt without connection because all that flashy jumping around in front of people just makes them feel uncomfortable and annoyed unless you connect with them with meaning and context.


Tactics without connection are just that, tactics. Tactics alone aren’t enough - they’re not sustainable.


Tactics that focus on connecting with, engaging your audience and building community is what makes your tactics Ninja. Being laser focused and precisely efficient starts with genuine connection and that’s the secret that puts your tactics on steroids. 

Photo credit: 'Ninja' by Dani Armengol Garreta via Flickr