Pictures aren't taken, they're made.

We all know how important images are on social media and how image-saturated the internet in general has become, but have you considered that’s exactly why yours could probably do with some pimping?

Human beings love imagery and we love looking at photos of other people, especially faces. This is nothing new, think of all the famous portraits that have been painted and then photographed throughout history - social media is just another medium for the same fascination. A fascination reflected by the countless apps, software & courses available to teach you how to manipulate and enhance your own creations - anyone can.

It’s probably, in some part, due to this that the general standard of images on the web seems to be getting higher. We see so many great images, that we expect great images, and it means that the ones that aren’t so great get ignored. Now I’m not talking about your personal profiles here, I’m talking about your business profiles and, therefore, that having them ignored is most certainly not on your business-growth agenda.

So when you’re thinking about the images you create and post for business, here are some things that might help you stand out just that little bit more;

1. Brighten up your photos - dark, grainy photos just won't do and are totally unnecessary. If you’re taking a photo that doesn’t have great lighting, adjust the exposure on your camera before you take it (on iPhone, tap the screen & move the sun icon up or down). Already taken the photo? Brighten it using the exposure & brightness options in your after-edits

2. Selfies & faces - people like to know who's behind a business and people like looking at faces anyway, so make it your mission to get over your own resistance by making your face shots as lovely as possible. Now, authenticity is important too, so I’m not talking about plastic surgery & fake makeup - you want people to recognise you, but brightening & enhancing a little can make a big difference.

Look   at these two photos of me - this   one's   the original. It’s an ok photo, but I’m looking a little bit burnt in the sun there.

Look at these two photos of me - this one's the original. It’s an ok photo, but I’m looking a little bit burnt in the sun there.

This   one's   been enhanced with a portrait filter - no more sunburn & the composition of the photo is highlighted too.

This one's been enhanced with a portrait filter - no more sunburn & the composition of the photo is highlighted too.


3. Develop a consistent ‘look’ - play around with filters & apps to see what you like and what works, and once you do, use the same filters each time you post on that network. This means that your photos will have a consistency, be more recognisable, unique and representative of your brand. On Instagram, you can save the filters you use by clicking on the cog icon to the right.

4. Keep it simple - the idea is to ‘enhance’ your photos, not make them gaudy and visually obnoxious, right? This is easy to understand with your selfies and the cosmetic edits available for faces, but the same is true for other photos. Strong filters are fine, just as long as they fit your brand and your objectives - less is usually more.

And last, but not least, here are some of my favourite photo editing apps & tools;

For creating graphics, overlaying text & adding special effects;

PicMonkey (phone app & PC)

Canva (phone app & PC)

WordSwag (phone app)


For adding filters & enhancing the overall look of photos;



PS Express (phone app & PC)

Litely (phone app)

VSCO (phone app)


For enhancing selfies & portraits;

PhotoWonder - best & easiest (phone app)

Be Funky (phone app)

Darkroom (phone app)

Wow, that should keep you busy for a while! I hope you have fun with those, and I should have said in fact, that fun is the whole point - it’s not about perfection and it’s not about mucking around with photos so much that you never actually post anything. Keep it simple, but try a few new things to make your photos just that little bit better :)

In the meantime, if you want to pick my brains on any of this photo stuff, or would like extra help working one-on-one, send me an email -, or fill in the contact form on the Work page, or connect with me via one of my social accounts (Facebook & Instagram are my favourites). Also, if you’d like to relax knowing you’re in the loop with our latest marketing updates, insights and inspiration, subscribe to our list right here ...

Have a great day,