Why little wins are key to big success

So you know it’s not always roses, this whole following your dream thing, right? You’ve found out already along the way that it takes a lot. A lot of everything, needless to list. And one of the things it takes the most of is the ‘stick-to-it-ness’ when the journey, mid-track, looks nothing like the destination you’ve dreamt about.

… And that’s why holding on is the most important thing. Because you have got to get to a win. Indeed, you need to recognise the wins you had today. THAT’S how you hold on. THAT’S how you keep going, and THAT’S you condition your mind for more of that.

Getting something right, getting the win, and yes, absolutely even the little things, is invaluable for 2 reasons;

1. Because you get that win and you get what flows directly from winning it. That is, the revenue from the sale, the accolades from a wonderful creation, the respect from colleagues for having pulled it off. Good stuff. Very good stuff.

But the real value is this;

2. Most of all, it’s the information the win gives you. The feedback on what works, what you can do and what you can do again - you’re learning. This is a GIFT.

When you get something right, it’s a bit like exercising. You create a positive feedback loop whereby the brain is not only exhilarated by the endorphins it releases in response, but you’ve lit up a pathway that can be used again and again. The muscles are strengthened, the receptors are electrified.

That pathway means you don’t have to keep bashing away at inventing the wheel - you’ve already done that. You now however have a prototype that works and can be endlessly adapted and built upon not only for improvement, but for different purposes.

Because here’s the thing; getting something right is completely transferable. So getting something right ‘here’, means you can transfer things from ‘that’ to ‘there’. It changes your brain a little, lights up a path that’s in alignment to where you need to go. It alters your thinking slightly and sets a bit better course. It’s positive, there’s adrenalin, and there’s momentum. All things that can be built on, expanded and magnified.

That’s why you’ve got to hang on for the wins and not give up, ever. The win itself is cool, granted, but what you learn when you win is priceless. It shows you the way, it encourages you and leads you on.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s nothing to be learnt from losing, or missing the mark, or meh. There is, LOADS of learnings. But primarily, missing the mark shows you what not to do. It highlights the path you don’t want to repeat, which is fine and valuable, but you’re still on your mission to find that positive feedback, the right path … see?

Oh and there’s a bonus. When you find things that work, that is, when you find a win, what you learn from that experience is completely transferable. It’s like training for a marathon - all the things you learn from pushing your mind and your body can be applied to starting a business, or starting a marketing campaign, or doubling your revenue. Different circumstances, different goals, but similar mindset.

What you learn from getting something spot-on, on-point and on-game on social media, for example, really can be transferred to all parts of your business. The immediate feedback allows you to see what works and what doesn’t, and when it does work, you have access to invaluable feedback, intelligence, that can be used endlessly.

Will this blog post be on-point? Will it hit the mark? Will it get the attention of those it was intended for? Maybe. Maybe not. But if it does, I’ll have positive feedback, I’ll have information and intelligence about what makes a win. I’ll have a path I can duplicate and keep testing rather than just knowing what doesn’t work.

And if it doesn’t appear to hit the mark? I’ve gained enough wins, enough positive feedback to know that if I keep at it, keep trying, keep applying what I know, the win will come. I know enough to know that’s true and that’s the gold of winning, the gold of getting something right.

So the moral of the story is really to not give up. That the wins, no matter how little or seemingly insignificant, are valuable positive feedback systems critical for your path. Every little win has within it something you can duplicate, something you can repeat, a pathway you can strengthen. And wins are a numbers game - the only way you’re bound to miss out is if you give up. Dont.

I hope that does hit something of a spot for you because I know it's true and it's awful to see people become disheartened and give up when they're so close to that little win that changes everything. As always, if you want to connect, Instagram and Facebook are my favourite places to hang ... you know, like online at least :)

Andrea Kelly - Pepper Street Social