Because looking good makes your feel good

... and 16 other reasons a strong brand is so important on social media.

Now I’m assuming that you already know how important it is to build a strong brand on social media, right? Even if you couldn’t list all the reasons straight off the top of your head, I’m guessing you know enough to know it’s important. So then why would I write this blog post? Because we forget, and because we think we understand more than we actually do sometimes, and because branding on social media is really, really important and it needs to be said more than once.

A strong brand is a strong identity. A strong, recognisable personality, voice, image and mission. You recognise it when you see it, you know what it’s about and you know whether you like it or not. Furthermore, depending on how you feel about it, you pay attention, engage, interact and follow … or not. And choosing ‘not’ to is better than not being seen at all, which addresses the first reason a strong brand is so important on social;

  1. To stand out - sheer volume of users & a general overload of information mean we’ve all got really good at skimming. Brands that don’t stand out make it easy for us ignore them because we’re looking to block out what’s not relevant.
  2. Consistency - it’s hard to stand out if you’re not consistent, again, because of the sheer volume. You’ve got to be consistent in your look, your message as well as when and where you show up.
  3. Tell a story - part of the function of a strong brand is to tell your story so people know who you are, what you do and who you do it for, without having to spell it out every time. No one has time for that!
  4. Great brands are magnetic - have you noticed? Who in business doesn’t want a great big magnet working for them on social media?
  5. Your mission and purpose are clear - people aren’t generally attracted to fluff and ambiguity, so again, a strong brand makes it easy for people to work out if you’re for them … or not.
  6. Familiarity - people need to be familiar with you to be able to develop trust and loyalty. Simple but true.
  7. Professional appeal - a great brand contributes enormously to you being perceived as professional, credible and trustworthy.
  8. Meaningful connections - a strong brand means the connections you make on social are more likely to engage, support and invest in you, rather than just follow for the sake of it and contribute to your vanity metrics.
  9. Share-ability - great branding makes your content more shareable, for all of the reasons already mentioned and because people who share want to be associated with that goodness.
  10. Room to move - a strong brand gives you the room and the opportunity to grow and expand, but also to experiment and make mistakes.
  11. Form alliances, network and be noticed by thought leaders and professional peers in your field more easily and more meaningfully with a strong brand.
  12. Build your reputation more easily.
  13. Increase your sales.
  14. Boost traffic to your site and increase search results.
  15. Appeal to your competitor’s customers without having to stalk them - let them find and come to you.
  16. Cut your paid ads and marketing costs as your organic reach increases and your paid advertising is more effective.
  17. And because, let’s face it, you want to look good online, for all of these reasons as well as the fact that it’s a pride thing. Who wants to look half-baked, unprofessional, and dare I say it, dodgy? It feels good to look good and have your brand in alignment with who you are.

Enough said.

Social branding is something I dedicate whole months to help clients with in my one-on-one coaching programme and it’s also the main focus in the group coaching programme. It really helps to have someone outside of your business to take a look, help you get clear on your brand messaging and how that translates onto social media and into sales. If you’re interested in working with me either for group or one-on-one coaching, fill in your details here, and I’ll email you.

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