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They say it takes a village to raise a child and I think that’s pretty true about raising a business too. Just like parenting, growing a business can be totally overwhelming and confronting. There’s so much to think about and so much to learn (on the spot, as you go!) and sometimes it’s hard to even stay focused enough to get just one thing done, especially if you’re juggling all that with a family. Isn’t that a ‘no-laughing’ matter?!

I, myself, am a learner. As in, learning is actually something I love, and in fact, I think it’s my number 1 or 2 StrengthFinder strengths. I love to do courses, love to learn new things and I love the challenge of getting good at something. I did my marketing degree the hard way, at home with 3-under-3 and decided to start my own business instead of heading back to the corporate world. I’ve done online courses, email courses and training courses, solo, group and mass, self-paced and exam-assessed, but the type I’ve loved the most and got the most out of is group coaching.

I like to think of small group coaching as a bit like a book club … and I know how many of you, like me, adore books, so maybe we could do a book club too … but for now, let’s just stay focused on social media marketing. The difference between a book club and group coaching is that you’re going to learn actual, practical things that’ll make a real difference and give you confidence in your business social media, as opposed to, well, reading books and talking about them. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll also get the brain-power, the inspiration and the camaraderie of 6 to 8 crazy-clever, super smart women who become your support group & cheer squad.

Oh and coffee. And cake. Did I mention that?

Want to know why group coaching is so good? Here’s what I think ...

1. It actually speeds up learning. Apparently adults learn best peer-to-peer, so learning in a small group is a really efficient way of learning what you need to know and waaaaaay quicker than fluffing around on your own (I *may* have *some* first-hand experience with this).

2. Inspiration, support, and accountability. This is your little business village, your own little cheer squad and your own crazy-clever community. There's nothing more inspiring and encouraging than a group who understands where you’re at, who’s got your back and who want you to succeed as much as you do.

3. Achieve your goals & see results more quickly. If you’re learning quicker AND you have inspiration, support and accountability, guess what - you’re going to be taking more action, achieving more and seeing results more quickly too. Momentum baby.

4. Better ideas and more of them. The collective wisdom and experience of your coaching group is like Deep Heat on your creative muscles … or Red Bull in a 5-year-old. No, that’s wrong. But you know what I’m getting at. Creativity blooms when it’s fed collectively. The energy and imagination of 8 of us is better than one of us on their own. And coffee is good for that too. And cake. Did I mention coffee and cake?

5. Different perspectives … at your fingertips. Kind of like having your very own focus group - what could be better than that for validating your ideas, hushing your fears, and keeping things real as you ride the rollercoaster of building your own business? Top value, this one.

6. Slay your sense of isolation. Quick sticks you’ll see that you're not alone in your challenges, growing pains and irrational fears. Sharing your experiences in a group that honours your vulnerability, and shrewdness, equally is incredibly comforting and amazingly liberating.

7. Take your business up a level. And that level depends on you. Not everyone in the group will be aiming for the same outcomes - what you achieve and how you use what you learn is up to you. For some, it’ll be to increase revenue. For others, it’ll be to have more confidence in creating content. For others still, it’ll be about developing a stronger brand. Whatever that level is for you, you’ll be supported in achieving it.

8. Opportunities you hadn’t even thought of. Working together in a group like this is like a petri dish for opportunities. It’s incredible the people you meet, the friendships you form, and the alliances and partnerships that are possible … and which often only come about in this kind of environment where mixing friendship and business isn’t awkward.

9. You get to choose. In group coaching, your voice matters in creating the agenda, topics, depth and direction. When there’s more interest in one topic over another, we can spend more time and go deeper, while on the other hand, giving you ‘enough’ on something else without boring you to tears and wasting time. The topics and outlines are guides and the discussions are real, so no two groups are ever exactly the same. The beauty!


Do you think that sounds pretty great? I do. I could be biased, but seriously, mainly because I’ve got so much out of group coaching myself and I’m really pumped about delivering the same for you.

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