If at first you don't succeed, you might just need a coach.

Marketing your business is one of those things that everyone gets stuck with. You lose direction, you can’t see the big picture and often, you don’t even know where to start in order to solve it. It’s confusing and overwhelming - too much information, too little time and no idea who to trust.

It’s pretty normal to feel that way at least at some point, but it’s also pretty easily solved. Although you may feel like you have no idea which of your options to take, and would dearly love Glinda, the good witch of the north, to come and wave her wand over everything, the truth is you probably know more than you think and just need a guiding hand. A fresh set of eyes, someone to help you find direction, create a plan and help you stay on track to implement it is often all it takes.

I’ve felt like that as a business owner too, and the some of the most valuable investments I’ve made, and which have brought about the biggest results, have been coaching services. Sometimes you just want to pay someone to get a job done and be done with it, but sometimes it makes more sense to be more involved and actually learn to do the thing yourself … with support. That’s what I’ve loved most about the coaching I’ve done for myself - I get to expand my knowledge and skill-set, something I’ll keep and use in my business on a daily basis, but I eliminate the stress of trying to figure it all out on my own.

This realisation is the reason I decided to add coaching to the services offered at Pepper Street Social. Yes, I can consult with you to create an amazing marketing strategy & implementation plan, and I can also manage your accounts on a daily basis to put that plan into beautiful action bringing exceptional results, but sometimes that’s just not quite the right fit.

Coaching however, might just be perfect because it’s somewhere in between. With a coaching package, I combine an intensive strategy and brainstorming session, an action plan, and one-on-one support over a month to get your specific, bespoke and tailored job done. In essence, you get my professional marketing brain consultation to work out your long and short-term goals, devise an action plan for how to get there, and I support and guide you for the month as you implement the steps.

These coaching packages can help you to;

* Gain clarity & direction on how to *grow* your business through social media & an integrated marketing plan that addresses your specific goals for your specific business

* Make more money from your Facebook ads by increasing conversions & ROI … and someone on hand to guide you through the Power Editor

* Learn how to simply & quickly boost engagement and to get more Likes and leads for your business

* Create a brand story and personality that helps you stand out, even if your product or service is ‘boring', or highly niched

* Understand the buyer's journey for your market and what this means for your social media content and overall marketing plan

* Focus on promoting and delivering a specific event or launching a specific product successfully

* Save time with simple scheduling techniques & resources

* Figure out the next steps to put your killer ideas into clever action

Is there something else that’s bugging you that I haven’t mentioned here? Why don’t you email me me so we can set up a time to chat? Chances are, I can help you, (unless it’s about why your cat’s molting so much, or what colour to paint your bedroom - not really my areas), but if it’s anything to do with marketing your business, I’m sure I can help.


If you’d like to receive more information about Pepper Street Social’s coaching packages, pop your email address in the form below and I’ll send you all the good details. If you’re ready to jump on a call, or have a coffee together, email me direct at andrea@pepperstreetsocial, tell me when and how I can call you and I will! Let’s get your marketing sorted.

Looking forward to hearing from you,