Writing to practise writing ... even if it's rubbish

Keep calm and just write.jpg

My greatest challenge in starting this blog is … starting it.


I mean we’ve all heard the stories and read the blogs and listened to the podcasts about how hard it can be to keep on writing, to keep on sticking with your blog and getting the content out, right? Well that’s just making me feel really rubbish right now because I can’t even seem to get started!


It’s not that I don’t want to get started, and it’s not even that I don’t know what to write, because I kind of do, but it’s just that I’m a person who likes order and I like to know how things fit together. This means that I want to know the greater plan before I start writing my stuff and as I don’t have that greater plan yet, I’m staring down the barrel of never starting.


Unfortunately for you, dear reader, that means that you now have to read this rubbish about how I’m struggling to get started and you know what? I know that’s really an insult to your precious time and I’m sorry. The only reason that I’m continuing with this vapid line of thought is that 1) I know I don’t have any readers yet, so ‘you’ are merely a vague avatar in my own mind, and 2) I need to practise writing and publishing it no matter what, or I’ll never, ever write anything.


So this is an exercise in rubbish writing, but for the greater good. And to be perfectly honest, my internet connection is also rubbish at the moment so I’m waiting for it to improve and decided I wasn’t going to let that become an excuse!